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Birchwood Meadow Housing Co-Operative Inc. is a 6 storey, 70 unit apartment building located on Ogilvie Road in Ottawa, Ontario. The Co-Operative was incorporated under the Co-Operative Corporations Act of Ontario in 1987 and has operated as a business since that time. The building itself was substantially completed in May 1989 and occupation of units began at that time. Birchwood Meadow is a federally sponsored Co-Operative, and has an Operating Agreement with CMHC that provides the administrative structure the Co-Operative must operate under. CMHC has guaranteed the mortgage of the Co-Operative (100%) which allows the business to operate as a Not for Profit entity.

As in most other not for profit organizations, the Co-Operative operates under the management of a Board of Directors who are elected by the Membership. The Board is comprised of 5 Members and all Directors must reside in the building and be Members in good standing. Directors serve for a 2 year term and do not receive any remuneration.

What Is A Co-op?

About Co-ops

A housing Cooperative is a group of people who form a corporation to provide housing services for themselves. Co-op living is unique to all other forms of housing because it represents a community living within a community.

Democratic management is the lifeblood of a healthy co-op and the people who live in the co-op.

Application Process

To apply for membership at Birchwood Meadow Housing Co-Operative you have to complete an application form and return it to the Co-operative Office fully completed with all of the required documentation and credit information.

If the application is not completed in full and all required forms included, the application is shredded.

Floor Plans & Rates

Birchwood Meadow Housing Co-Operative Inc. is a 6 storey, 70 unit apartment building located in Gloucester, Ontario. We have one, two and three bedroom apartments and 5 accessible units in our family oriented community.

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