Application Process

How To Become A Member

To apply for an apartment at Birchwood Meadow Housing Co-Operative you have to complete an application and return it to the Co-operative Office fully completed with all of the required documentation.

There is no charge to submit the application to be added to our waiting list HOWEVER, when consideration will be given to you being offered an apartment there will be a $40.00 charge to help offset the cost of completing a credit report.

At that point, you will be asked to submit a cheque payable to Birchwood Meadow Housing Co-Operative. If there are 2 adult individuals moving in, 2 separate credit checks will have to be completed and the cost will be $40.00 per adult.

If the application is not completed in full and all required forms included, your application is shredded and not put into our files. We do not follow up to get any missing information. You can download the application and submit it by mail together with your proof of income. If, before you complete the application, you have questions that have not been answered on this site, please refer to the Contact Us page and email our office. We will promptly respond to any of your inquiries.


To be approved for Membership in the Co-operative everyone 16 years of age and old must attend an interview. This is conducted by 2 Members of the Co-operative. At the conclusion of this interview a recommendation will be made to either recommend you for membership in the Co-operative or to reject your application.

At the same time a credit check is done on each application who is 16 years of age or older (this is the reason for the $20.00 application fee for each applicant of this age group) and also a landlord/tenant check is done. Based on this information the Board of Directors will either approve the application or reject it.


We do have 28 indoor parking spaces that are available to Members only. The priority for these spaces are disabled members, senior citizens and large families (3 or more children). All remaining spaces are filled by Members on our waiting list on a 1st come 1st serve basis.

Application Form

Please note that our wait-list is closed due to the fact we have an extensive wait-list at this time.

Housing Charges

*Note: Hydro not included.